Unique - Simply... different

Holidays surrounded by unspoilt nature

Plenty of space, plenty of time, and plenty of quiet to simply... relax and unwind.

A farm at 950m above sea level, a retreat for "endurance runners". The large fields, the tall old trees all around, far behind them the jagged rocks of the big mountain ranges of the State of Salzburg, the colourful flower meadow, which is protected as a nature reserve and is home to rare plants and animals - and, in the middle of it all, Großschlaggut. Simply... stand still, let your eyes wander... and all the other things that seemed so important suddenly become very small and unimportant. Everyday life seems to have been blown away. Just a short time in this place and a pleasant feeling of a having "arrived" flows through you.

Simply... be with them and just ... I need to be.

Welcome at Käth and Nanei at Großschlaggut in Annaberg-Lungötz.

"It stands there as if it didn't belong anywhere else in the world."


Simply... be at home

Käth & Nanei - a house to simply... be you

Original and genuine, not contemporary but earthy. Seasoned, sincere people. Großschlaggut in the Lammer valley is like its people: earthy and seasoned. A farm on a high plateau, first mentioned in the 16th century. The house, Käth & Nanei, still in its original form. It stands there as if it didn't belong anywhere else in the world. Its inhabitants – people who value nature, its tranquillity and its beauty. A house as a retreat with numerous possibilities. Without the pressure of hotels, with space for abundance, and without limits.

A weekend with friends. Cooking together, long conversations, and getting active out and about in the mountains of Salzburg, or holidays with the extended family. A retreat for internal meetings in small groups. A place to forge something new, a place to create something unique.



The old brought back to life,

 materials rediscovered and skilfully used


Warmth and cosiness

by preserving the beautiful things that make a stay at Käth & Nanei something extraordinary.

Simply... be

Annaberg-Lungötz in the Lammertal valley

Original and genuine. Seasoned, sincere, and earthy people. The Lammertal valley and its inhabitants. A scenic jewel, separated from the Salzach valley by the Tennen mountains. No through-roads, no motorways, no railways. Part calm, part wildly romantic. The Lammer river meanders tumultuously through the valley. Side valleys branch off and offer views of the great mountains. Thanks are owed to the countless mountain farmers as valuable custodians of the countryside of this valley. A few turns up the mountains from the valley and a sweeping view opens up. Natural beauty in the form of primeval forests, ravines, and gorges untouched by human hand. Simply... real.     


A house with a history 

A house with a soul. A place for people with feelings.


A whole house for me and my friends

A house as a retreat with many possibilities. Without the pressure of hotels, with space for abundance, and without limits.



Simply... more possibilities

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